A blog post about blogging

Hello there,

Nice to meet you.

I am Andrew Steven Miles. Many call me Andy. Few call me Andrew. Some call me Andy Panda. One friend calls me Andle the Sandle and a few coworkers call me Chandler. Don’t ask me how I got these names, that is beyond me. I leave it up to those who feel the need to call me something else.

This place is not for you, but for I. There will more than likely be grammatical and spelling errors, as well as opinions and content you may not like or find appealing. That is ok. I hope something here will eventually suit your fancy and take your attention off the world for a few seconds at a time, or minutes. Maybe eventually hours.

Let us not get ahead of ourselves now. This is only the first post after all. And so begins the joining of another voice entering the void that is the world wide web of intercommunication and information.  I hope you may enjoy yourself.

If you ever get the need to speak to me for any reason, contact me. Just as I may post here you can reply (I think and hope) or shoot me an email or follow the social media I have on Instagram or twitter (where I may post slightly more or less frequently than the spotty post on here) @Alacriiity because others took Alacrity and Alacriity.

Cheerful willingness; eagerness
This is what I try to embody. If you catch me not, let me restate, tell me through any means you wish.
Goodbye… for now.

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